Changing lives by reducing symptoms with my PCOS healthy eating plan

Binge busting

 "Because of my devastating PCOS symptoms and obesity, I felt ugly.  My sex life had come to an end as I was embarassed to be seen undressed...within three months, I lost three stones... the Binge Rcovery Guide in this book was an essential part of my success. Thank you Norah for this amazing healthy eating plan." Mary, London 

Controlling cravings

 "Norah knows everything about PCOS. She helped me to control my cravings for carbohydrates with her Binge Recovery Guide." Ann, Cheshire  

Reducing PCOS symptoms

 "I was 5' tall, 13 stone and 7 lbs and hairy....On the PCOS Healthy Eating Plan, I lost four stone in six months.  I have kept the weight off for over six years now.  My PCOS symptoms have diminished, my bodily hair has gone and my periods are regular and manageable." Joan, Wales 

A miracle diet plan

 "This is a miracle diet plan.  I felt better from week two of starting it.  I'm more confident because my acne is clearing up." Lillian, Eccles, Greater Manchester 

Never hungry on this plan

 "This PCOS healthy eating plan had helped my sister so when I was diagnosed with PCOS, I decided to give it a try.  Four stones lighter in six months, after eating healthy food.  I was never hungry." Sarah, Liverpool 

My consultant is convinced this plan works

 "My consultant was convinced it was the diet which helped me lose a considerable amount of weight and that that led to my becoming pregnant." Melissa, North West England