Sasha & Andy used the plan in my book to increase fertility

My first PCOS baby

Sasha and her husband Andy had been through years of heartache trying for a baby. In 2002 Sasha gave birth to their longed for daughter, Libby.

Sasha had followed my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan for PCOS and within eight weeks she'd lost an amazing 37 lbs and a few months later became pregnant with Libby.  

Read their full story in my book; The Answer to PCOS  - if it happened to can happen to you!


Cheryl tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and couldn't

My plan works!

Cheryl tried everything she could to lose weight. In desperation she even starved herself one week; only to find she'd gained weight!! She knows it wasn't a good idea but she even tried diet pills.

When she was 18 she met Peter...but PCOS threatened to undermine her chance of happiness with him.  They had many years of struggle trying to cope with Cheryl's condition.  

But there is a happy ending.  You can read how Cheryl and Peter's luck changed in my all happened when Pete was watching a TV show featuring me and my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan for PCOS.  

Cheryl began my plan soon after and lost 5 stone in a few months - when nothing before had worked for her! 


Audrey Sheldon and her PCOS story

Two boys of her own - thanks to my plan

In her early twenties Audrey overhead a doctor say that because she had PCOS she would never have children!  

Fortunately, that doctor was to be proved wrong TWICE! He wasn't to know of course that a few years down the line I would be inspired to start working on how changes to diet and lifestyle could change the fortunes of PCOS sufferers everywhere.

Audrey's story was one I've heard countless times.  Told by doctors to go away and lose weight before there was any chance of fertility treatment - but losing weight when you have PCOS is nigh on impossible, without a specialised diet and lifestyle changes.

Audrey became pregnant with both her boys (pictured, left to right - Audrey, Noah and Elliott) 'naturally' after she followed my plan.

She found me online and because she didn't live anywhere near me, she did an online course with me.  I was able to help support her with the changes she needed to make to lose weight, reduce her symptoms and become more fertile.

You can read her full story, along with others, in my book; 'The answer to PCOS' - Now it's time for YOU to take control!


Natalie's family

Happiness is two gorgeous daughters

Natalie was told by her doctor that she didn't look like a typical PCOS sufferer.  

That's because she wasn't classed as overweight. Nonetheless, she suffered many of the symptoms and after ruling out all the other possibilities, a blood test and ultrasound scan confirmed that she did indeed have PCOS.

As luck would have it; Natalie was in the right place at the right time. She followed the plan in my book plan and lost three stone, just in time for her wedding.  

Read Natalie's story in my book; 'The answer to PCOS' and see what a beautiful bride she made; not to mention the two beautiful daughters she's had since.  Now it's your turn to shine - follow my plan; you won't regret it.


Jill and family - an international PCOS success

My plan travels over 5,000 miles

Jill lives in the USA and found me on the internet.  She's a yoga teacher and says she weighs less now than she did in high school and doesn't suffer cravings on my plan.  

Jill and her partner Kelly, wanted another child.  Jill's PCOS meant she struggled with fertility.  After following my plan she gave birth to their son Reese.  

Read her story in my book 'The answer to PCOS' with pictures of her beautiful family.