Danielle shares her thoughts on the book

I keep reading every chapter saying that's me

I have received my copy of the Answer to PCOS, which arrived before the weekend. I must admit when purchasing the book I knew of Sasha's story and her miracle baby as I read it in a magazine many years ago, as I always thought I had PCOS  for many years.

I hope you don't mind me saying, I initially thought the price was a little more than I would pay for a book, but then I thought it's less than a hair appointment or the price of a private consultation with an IVF consultant. Which I have paid before today. Plus the work and research and information gone into this book outweighs the price.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised as it was A4 and very heavy, but more importantly discovering I have most of the symptoms of PCOS the book has so much information and knowledge I keep reading each chapter saying that's me. I don't envy who done the research as in the past I have felt overwhelmed by going online googling PCOS. The book is a simple read with no jargon and really appreciate who ever decided to write it this way. Thank you.

Reading Sasha's story I was very emotional and then reading her husband's finished me off, what an amazing couple they are. I am so grateful Sasha and others are willing to share something so personal.

I am looking forward to starting the plan as IVF is not an option for us on the NHS as my husband has a child already from a previous relationship, I love my step daughter but the emotions of wanting my own child is overwhelming. 

I am considering purchasing more books as presents to help my family and friends understand the struggles I have to embrace. 

Audrey Sheldon contributed her story to the book

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

Dear Norah, I received my book Saturday and have been reading through yesterday and this morning and WOW everything a woman with PCOS can relate to and lots of tips. 

The PCOS diet and success stories to help them, such a great book you should be very proud. 


I've had to come to stop in the book because I came to Andy's story and I did cry because that is a side many don't get to hear about, only if you're going through it yourself. 

I can't thank you enough myself Norah for your diet and that it helped me to have two beautiful boys.  

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Jenny is hooked on this book

Can't stop reading this book!

I learned more about PCOS and how to reduce my symptoms in one hour's conversation with Norah than I did in all the years I asked for support and help from medical professionals. I got the book on Saturday and I have read it four times in two days. I've never done that with any book before! Amazing! Jenny, Manchester