Extracts from the book


Want to see what's in the book?

 Extract from the book with notes on what's in it.  Please note these are extracts only - so not the full stories. 

We haven't even started to market this book properly yet and it's already getting rave reviews! Ladies are reading it more than once because it's hitting the mark and it's so easy to read.  To know that all the hard work we put into the book is really engaging people makes me feel quite emotional. We wanted something that was uplifting and with the positive message the title of the book brings - people are feeling inspired...amazing! So glad it's taking off because  I know that's not easy - I just have to take a  look on my bookshelf to see the many books I've never read! One lady has read it four times in two days (see reviews) ...that's amazing - The last and only book I read twice was The Godfather by Mario Puzo - quite a few moons ago.  

Norah x