About my book, 'The answer to PCOS'

My book contains EVERYTHING you need to know about PCOS. It can help you lose weight, reduce your PCOS symptoms and improve fertility; enabling you to live a healthier life. By following the guidance in the book you can put an end to yo-yo dieting. You will learn how to maintain your weight once lost and control cravings and binge eating. (See my Binge Recovery Guide on page 27 of the book - used very successfully by many of my slimmers to STOP bingeing forever!)

On this diet, you will be eating healthily, with REAL FOOD, and no gimmicks. You will never be hungry.  

You will learn how to lose weight healthily and keep the weight off enabling you to  keep the new,  slim, confident, healthier 'you' that you have worked so hard to achieve. 

You can start to lose weight within a week!

By using my patented 'ROY' weight loss technique, thousands of my slimmers have lost weight from the very first week of the diet. 'ROY' really is the secret to your success. 

A slow or sluggish metabolism is what makes it almost impossible for PCOS sufferers to lose weight and keep it off. But that's now a thing of the past.  With my plan and 'ROY', you can succeed and learn how to eat to reduce your symptoms, lose weight, boost your confidence and make a fresh start with the 'new' you. 

In the book I explain exactly what to do and what to eat while sharing lots of hints, tips, recipes and constructive 'easy to follow' advice to optimise your health and weight loss.  

And...last but by no means least...if you're trying for a baby - you'll be inspired by all the heartwarming stories in the book of improved fertility and the babies that followed

Low or non-existent fertility, repeated miscarriages, failed IVF treatments and more...a catalogue of misery and despair for thousands of PCOS sufferers who just want what lots of other women seem to be able to have with ease - a baby of their own - or in some cases, another child.  

During my pilot study to determine the impact of diet and lifestyle on PCOS (details in my book); 97 out of 100 of my volunteers who wanted a pregnancy became pregnant within 12 months.  All these women had experienced failed IVF or other failed fertility treatments and were desperate to conceive a child.  97 out of the 100 volunteers went on to give birth to healthy babies within two years of starting the pilot study. 

So far, over 1,500  babies have made their journey to 'planet earth' with the help of my Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan for PCOS.  This has been the pinnacle of my career.   

I am just so proud of how I've been able to help so many PCOS sufferers, their partners and their families to realise their dreams of a complete family.   

I just love receiving a call that says "Hey Norah!  Guess what...I'm PREGNANT!" especially because so many of my PCOS sufferers have experienced such a struggle with fertility in the past.

End your PCOS nightmare and order your copy NOW!