Norah Elizabeth Cozens

Destiny leads me to PCOS

My interest in health and fitness began over 42 years ago and grew from my own personal desire to maintain a healthy weight and learn as much as I could about healthy eating. 

To find out what I needed to do to achieve this, I studied nutrition and exercise and eventually went on to develop my highly successful Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plans.

In 1976, I launched 'Vitaline', my weight management company offering 1-2-1 nutritional guidance and support for struggling slimmers.   

In 2001, I met Sasha McDonnell who was suffering with PCOS,  struggling to lose weight and had been trying for years to have a baby - by the time destiny brought us together, Sasha was at her wits' end. I was so moved by Sasha's plight, I made a silent vow to help her.

Sasha along with 100 volunteers from the PCOS community helped me find out how diet and lifestyle choices affect PCOS sufferers. It took three years to trial and test countless diet and lifestyle interventions - a huge commitment from everyone involved. 

This book is the culmination of everything I learned before working with my PCOS volunteers and since rolling out the plan across the PCOS community both here in the UK and abroad. 

Without Sasha and my volunteers; there would be no diet and lifestyle plan for PCOS and consequently no book to share with the millions of women around the world suffering the nightmare that is PCOS.

My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped me to make this book, 'The Answer to PCOS', a reality.  

Thank you also to the struggling PCOS volunteers who made it all worthwhile.

In the book

You will find everything you need to succeed on the plan and much more.

  • My Binge Recovery Guide
  • Tips on fertility
  • Heart warming stories of babies born after their mums followed my plan 
  • The difference between PCOS and PCO symptoms
  • A Guide to a Good Day
  • A Daily Food Tracker to help you achieve your weight loss goals  
  • The complete PCOS diet for IMMEDIATE weight loss
  • A shopping list to help get you organised from the word 'go'
  • Everything you need to know about my 'ROY' technique for good weight losses every week
  • A selection of easy to prepare breakfasts, lunches, evening meals and suppers to take the hard work out of meal planning 
  • Easy 5-minute daily exercises
  • A Maintenance Diet to help keep the weight off, once lost
  • Some of my slimmers favourite 'Soups & Sweets' recipes
  • A Guide to Eating Out so you don't sabotage all your hard work
  • More success stories of babies being born where there was a history of failed pregnancies and/or infertility, weight loss and PCOS symptom reduction  

End your PCOS nightmare and order your copy now!